Matric exams: Here are your past papers and the latest schedule


The class of 2021 is nearing the end of their matric exams, and at this point, juggling papers and studying becomes trickier by the second.

Fret not! We are here to help.

Your one-stop matric exam prep kit

The schedule for this week’s matric exams will be included below, as well as links to older papers – just in case you need that extra push to prepare.

We’ve also included a few tips and tricks to keep you in the right frame of mind.

This week’s schedule

On Wednesday 24 November, it’s Accounting P2 at 9am, and Mechanical Technology at 2pm. The latter is a 3-hour paper, so you’d want to go in there prepped and ready.

Then on Thursday 25 November, it’s Afrikaans HL P2, Afrikaans FAL P2, and Afrikaans SAL P2 during the morning session; and Religion Studies P2 at 2pm.

On Friday 26 November, Agricultural Sciences P1 – as well as Nautical Science P1 and Sport and Exercise Science – will be scheduled for 9am.

Computer Applications Tech P2 (Theory) is scheduled for 2pm on Friday. It’s another three-hour paper, so prep yourself both physically and mentally.

Past exam papers

Use past matric exam papers to prepare and practice for your upcoming papers. The papers were made available courtesy of the Department of Basic Education.

The DBE archive is quite extensive and contains past National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination papers and supplementary exams going all the way back to 2008.

You can also download Grade 12 NSC papers from However, to make it easier, we’ll include direct links to the exams relevant to this week:

Dealing with matric exam stress

Remember to set aside enough time to study, preferably in an environment conducive to the task at hand.

It’s important to keep your emotional and mental well-being in mind during the matric exams. The Department of Basic Education (DBE) recommends getting enough rest.

Take short breaks while studying. Constructive breaks will prevent your study sessions from continuing for too long, which could lead to mental exhaustion.

A change of scenery will boost your learning experience, so a short walk and a breath of fresh air might be all you need to push through that final study hurdle.

Matric dance

It’s almost over, and then it’s time for the best part – your matric dance!

You might wonder whether it’s better to buy or hire that dress? We’ve compiled this useful guide of the pros and cons of buying a matric dance dress versus hiring one.

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