Cosmo City schoolboys arrested for alleged panga attack on pupil


Two pupils from Blue Eagle High School in Cosmo City, Johannesburg, have been arrested after allegedly striking another boy in the face with a panga.

The 16-year-old boys were charged with assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm at the Honeydew police station, Randburg Sun reported.

Their arrests come more than week after they were involved in another incident, which they were only later identified as being part of.

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Honeydew police station spokesperson Captain Balan Muthan told the publication the boys in question are in a gang called the “GP London gang” at the school.

“When boys from another gang, Bad Company, visited, they assaulted them. Police were called and we arrived quickly to break up the fight. There were no injuries.

“But it was then the security at the gate and the school principal recognised these two who had cut another boy at the school on August 27,” Muthan explained.

Muthan said the duo were only identified afterwards because of the size of the school, and the large number of pupils who attend it.

“There are a few schools around that are very bad. Children sell drugs among themselves and they go to school with knives, pangas and tomahawks.”

Gauteng education department spokesperson Steve Mabona told Randburg Sun he would not comment as “this story is old and was concluded”.

He told the publication he would not respond to further questions regarding the matter.

Blue Eagle High School committed to providing comment to Randburg Sun.

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Edited by Nica Richards.

This article first appeared on Caxton publication Randburg Sun, by Nicholas Zaal. Read the original article here.

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