Chaos in classrooms caused by ‘jam and peanut butter’ children


Parents and experts say the chaos in the classrooms and playgrounds is due to a lack of discipline and role models. Johan du Plessis said it was caused by what he called “jam and peanut butter” children.

“Everything they want is available at a push of a button; immediately. The older generation grew up differently.”

A lack of religion in schools and a lack of discipline at home also contributed to the violence, he said. Rina Erasmus said her sister wanted to retire from teaching after pupils deflated her car’s tyres.

“She told me she wants to retire next year because things are getting worse and worse,” Erasmus said.

Another teacher’s new car was scratched with a sharp object, she claimed.

‘We are sending them to war’

Mother of three Cherry Nortje said she worried about her sons at school.

“We don’t want to raise our kids as aggressive. I’m teaching them not to defend themselves because of all the chaos happening where children are killing children. You can’t have a fight any more without being stabbed.”

Nortje said she worried about her children because schools were not safe any more.

“They are not allowed to take scissors to schools unless it’s blunt. It’s scary because sending your child to a school which was supposed to be a safe place has become a war zone. We are sending them to war,” she said.

Dr Erica Munnik, clinical psychologist at the University of the Western Cape, said disruptive behaviour can result from physical, inherited and environmental risk factors working simultaneously.

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“For instance, if a child daily observes violence or disruptive behaviour in their family or community as a way of coping, this poses the risk of them beginning to see this as normal and acceptable behaviour.”

Munnik said a child’s natural personality, such as being a strong-willed, could also be a contributing factor.

“The most common reason why children become oppositional is that it is the only known way to cope with their frustrations. To destroy provides a temporary outlet for the extreme feelings that they experience. It makes them feel better.”

Source: citizen