Six out of 10 Medical Doctors are leaving Nigeria for Greener Pastures – NARD


The Nigeria Association of Resident Doctors disclosed that an average of six out of 10 doctors are leaving the country for greener pastures.

According to the NARD President, Dr Dare Ishaya, this is a result of the country’s struggling economy and unfavourable work conditions.
Ishaya stated:

“There are only 12,297 resident doctors in both the Federal and state tertiary health institutions in the country.

“As of the last time we issued the questionnaire, we found that out of 10 resident doctors, six of them are planning to leave or have the intention to leave.

“The statistics we had then was in December 2021. So, it’s either they are planning to leave or they have thought of leaving.”

He explained further:

“As we speak, I am aware that a lot of my colleagues are working towards leaving the country, and there are a lot of factors responsible for that. The push factor is majorly the economy.

“Of course, you will agree with me that we are having inflation in the country and the rate at which our naira is being devalued is alarming. If you compare our pay with the pay where most of these health workers go, you will discover that what we earn here is not up to one-tenth of what they get practising there.

“As long as these factors exist, our members and other health workers will continue to seek greener pastures except if things are done to reverse them.”