With your money, you can make it to the top chart – Erigga


Nigerian Rapper, Erhiga Agarivbie known as Erigga has contended artistes can cap the charts in the music industry with the right resources.

In an interview with HipTv, Erigga stated he lost confidence in Nigerian music, adding he doesn’t understand in charts anymore due to the anomalies that exist.

According to him, a lot of artistes, especially the unpopular ones, do not merit top spots in music charts but as long as they are willing to part with a considerable amount, they are automatically placed up there.

Erigga said: “My brother, rapper top chart, you no know how the country be Wey rappers dey top chart.. laughs… Ogbeni see!

“The music industry in Nigeria, I no wan say na scam. But you know me now, I go always open my mouth talk am as I see am now.

“The industry, I don’t believe in chart anymore because with the right figures and the right amount, you’ll get yourself there.

“Imagine song wey be say never come outside don chart. Who hear am? Who play am? Who listen to am? My guy calm down. Especially the artiste wey nobody know for anywhere, e don enter top one for chart.

“My guy with your money you fit grease anywhere, you go enter. Na me talk am. Paper Boi!”