Pere disagrees with Pardon Me nomination on ‘BBNaija All Stars’


Pere has expressed dissatisfaction with the housemate’s reason for nominating Soma for the Pardon Me Please immunity on the Big Brother Naija show.

After a change in the nomination style to Pardon Me Please by Big Brother, Soma emerged as the winner with immunity from this week’s eviction. But Pere didn’t seem to agree with the rest of the housemates, and he shared it with Big Brother during his diary session.

To him, housemates’ choice on the Pardon Me Please should have been an individual thing and not something the house came together to decide, as that would have made it a bit more competitive.

In his words, “Do these guys realise they are actually here to play a game, you are pardoning a guy because he didn’t make it past two weeks in his own season… if they had stuck to what they felt inward and not voiced it in other words not connived to nominate one person the pardon me, it might have been a tie, or no one would have won.”

Pere further explained that housemates had come together to decide on Soma as their nomination and for him, the housemates might not be taking the BBNaija All Stars show as the game that it truly is. He said, “I don’t think these guys are here to play the game, I think they are just here to shine a little and then go.”

During his diary session, Soma said he feels the other housemates might be underestimating him. “I like that they underestimate me. At a point in time, I’ll switch it up and knack dem akpako,” he stated.

The show seems like a game to some contrary to what Pere thinks because Soma might just have played his strategy on the housemates, and they are clearly unaware.