Most properties celebs post on social media are not theirs, says Stoneboy


Ghanaian singer, Stonebwoy, has said that most of the exorbitant things celebrities flaunt on social media are not really theirs.

He said the big cars, heavy mansions, and others are just for “branding and packaging”, saying that the owners are out there.

Stoneboy advised fans not to be pressurized by celebs’ flashy lifestyle, noting that many young people are under pressure to imitate celebrities’ lifestyles and are often in a haste to get themselves luxurious things. Stonebwoy said this in an interview with Hitz FM’s Andy Dosty.

In the video, he said:

“If you see celebs flaunting houses and cars and all that don’t be too impressed – most at times ebe packaging k3k3, the real owners are hiding somewhere.