Lydia Jazmine ‘bullies’ DJ Nimrod in studio


Nimrod hosted Jazmine, who recently released a song titled Kawoowo on his show at Galaxy FM.

When Jazmine entered the studio, Nimrod’s co-host observed Nimrod suddenly wore shades.

When the co-host remarked about the sudden appearance of shades on Nimrod’s face, Jazmine said the deejay was shy and didn’t want to directly look into her eyes. is going to be shy looking in her eyes.

Nimrod acknowledged that he was shy but also noted that he wanted “ask tough questions”.

Jazmine told Nimrod that he is a “coward”, adding: “I want to see your eyes. Let me see your eyes.”

Nimrod responded, saying that he also wants to see her sh*t. He also observed that she was wearing shades.

Jazmine said: No, but for me I’m a star. I’ve to have my shades on.

Nimrod responded: So, me, I’m a what, I’m upcoming?

Jazmine: No… You’re also a star.

Jazmine, real name Lydia Nabawanuka, had her major breakthrough after collaborating with Geosteady, born George William Kigozi — to release Same Way.

The song, which was produced by Nessim, would become an instant hit.

Born in 1991, Jazmine started getting mainstream attention when producer Bushington hired her to be a backup singer for Mowzey Radio and Weasel Manizo.

She featured on their songs like Breathe Away which was produced by Michael Fingers and Ntunga which was produced by Nessim.

She also did the same for Pallaso, Sheeba Kalungi, and Bebe Cool until she dropped her first single titled You Know featuring Rabadaba and produced by Nessim.