Laffa: A ‘Modern Middle Feast’ in Egypt’s North Coast

Laffa: A ‘Modern Middle Feast’ in Egypt’s North Coast

Photo credit: Dina Hosny

“We wanted to develop a fun version of shawarma,” Dina Hosny explains.

Hosny, a private chef who worked as a consultant for several developments and projects, is the concept developer at El Shishiny for Projects and Development, a company that recently launched contemporary shawarma food truck Laffa.

Photo credit: Dina Hosny

Laffa was launched this summer in cooperation with Jekeen Egypt, which imports fully-equipped food trucks tailored to its clients’ needs. The eye-catching green and yellow truck has been garnering more and more attention at its current location in Bianchi Resort in the North Coast.

“We wanted to create a concept that is untapped in the market,” Hosny explains. She adds: “Shawarma is a popular food and it’s familiar to most people, but no one has changed it so far; we wanted to offer it with a twist.”

Laffa’s contemporary shawarma can be served in a bowl or a wrap made with Saj bread or the truck’s famous freshly-made Taboon bread, which is a thicker, cone-shaped version of traditional Saj bread.

Photo credit: Dina Hosny

The wraps and bowls all include a mouthwatering variety of add-ons that highlight the ‘twist’ added to this traditional Middle Eastern dish, including carrot hummus, green tahini, arugula, fries, and pickles.

Some of the truck’s most popular dishes include the Harissa Honey Chicken Poppers (EGP 75) made with the truck’s signature house harissa, the Beef Hummus Bowl (EGP 120) with carrot hummus, or the vegetarian Halloumi Eggplant Wrap (EGP 90).

Photo credit: Dina Hosny

“We’re currently working on adding more innovative menu items that will highlight the ‘shawarma with a twist’ concept,” Hosny explains.

In addition to Laffa, El Shishiny for Projects and Development is also managing two other food trucks in the North Coast: Wrap a Crepe and The Pizza Truck.

Photo credit: Dina Hosny

After the summer season ends, Laffa will make its way to Cairo to continue offering its contemporary culinary creations all year round.

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