Iran Launches Drones at Israel, Egypt Calls for Restraint


In a significant escalation of tensions between Iran and Israel, Iran has confirmed launching a “massive” drone attack on Israel late Saturday, involving more than 50 drones. This assault marks the first direct Iranian military action on Israeli soil. News reports from Iran reported that some drones were also launched from Yemen, indicating a broader regional involvement. In response to the assault, the airspace over Israel, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan has been closed or is in the process of being shut down. In addition to closing its airspace, reports indicate that Jordan has declared a state of emergency. Meanwhile, Egyptian state media reports that Egypt’s air defenses have been placed on high alert, likely to intercept any missiles or drones that cross over into Egyptian territory. In late 2023, missiles launched from Yemen towards Israel struck Egypt’s Dahab and Taba, with the latter incident resulting in the injury of a number of Egyptians. In a statement following news of the assault, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry expressed great concern about the escalation between Iran and Israel and urged all parties to exercise maximum restraint. Israel Responds Israeli news agencies report that…

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