In Paintings: Exploring the Colors of Rural Egypt


There is little more ubiquitous in Arab art than Egyptian rural communities; colorful and dynamic, these locales are hubs of energy and hard work, their niche tradition the subject of inspiration for many artists over the centuries.

From French painters enamored with Egyptian simplicity to Egyptian artists looking to showcase a unique, often overlooked facet of their communities: there is truly nothing quite as beautiful as the image of the Egyptian reef (rural towns).

Here is a small, modest gallery of some modern art depicting the ins and outs of rural Egypt.

La Renaissance de l’Égypte ou Le Cortège d’Isis by Mohamed Naghi

Figure 8: Ragheb Ayad, Caravan.

Caravan by Ragheb Ayad

Figure 9: Mahmoud Saïd, Les Chadoufs (The Shadoofs).

Les Chadoufs | Mahmoud Saïd

Egyptian countryside . By Mohamed Alazhary. | Egyptian art, Egyptian, Artist

Egyptian countryside by Mohamed Alazhary

Azza Adel | Arab Art For Sale

The Egyptian countryside by Azza Adel

89 FARID FADEL ART ideas | egyptian painting, egyptian art, art

Rural girl by Farid Fadel

Egyptian Landscape — The Art of Naguib Assaad

Egyptian landscape by Naguib Assaad

الأقصر ارت جاليري • مصر LUXOR ART GALLERY • EGYPT — MOHAMED AZMY

Rural Egypt by Mohamed Azmy

Alaa Awad – Sunday Evening Art Gallery

Untitled by Alaa Awad

mohamed abou elwafa (@mohamed_abolwfa) / Twitter

Untitled by Mohamed Abou ElWafa

Ali Hassaan | 57 Sublime Oil Paintings - Egyptian Artist

Untitled by Ali Hassaan

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