4 Timeless Egyptian Series to Watch Before Ramadan


In a world full of uncertainty and chaos, people seek solace, familiarity, and comfort. Comfort is often found in timeless and familiar shows that provide a haven for the viewers — where they can escape into their worlds with their beloved characters and well-worn plots. Yet, it is the familiarity and predictability of these Egyptian shows that allow people to temporarily free themselves of their worries. Research also found that rewatching TV shows transports viewers into another world, providing feelings of relaxation and comfort. Whether it is a family drama or a funny sitcom, here are five timeless Egyptian shows to revisit to foster a sense of stability in an ever-changing world. Sabe’ Gar (2022) Sabe’ Gar (Seventh Neighbor) follows the stories of neighbors who live in the same apartment building as they go through and face their struggles and victories. Starring a wide range of stars, including the late Dalal Abdel Aziz, Sherine, Sarah Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Dash, amongst others, Sabe’ Gar will have viewers feel like they are part of each family and storyline. The authenticity and simplicity of the script and settings make this show all the…

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